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 [Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project)

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[Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project) Empty
PostSubject: [Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project)   [Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2021 1:26 am

[Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project) Tei10

Tewi Inaba joins the Crusade!

[ 04/11/23 ]
Patch 5 (Belated Easter Update):
- Voice added.
- Revamped final smash visuals.
- Grounded up special projectiles turn when touching a wall.
- Coding tweaks made to the bunny pet follower.
- Misc. tweaks/fixes made long ago.

[ 06/23/22 ]
Patch 4:
- Adjusted up tilt so that you can only cancel out of it by jumping after hit.
- Minor visual tweaks to grounded up special.
- Reduced aerial up special final hit knockback growth.
- Reworked bamboo behavior to make it a "stay away" move, charged variant can kill if landed correctly.

[ 04/05/22 ]
Patch 3:
- Increased forward throw knockback.
- Slightly increased backward throw knockback.
- Increased up throw knockback.
- Up tilt is now interruptible, has no knockback growth.
- Increased aerial up special final hit knockback.
- Tweaked side b carrots again.

[ 11/21/21 ]
Patch 2:
- Tweaked AI.
- Increased all projectiles' default priority values by 1 point.
- You can now turn during each down tilt attack.
- Forward throw is now a single hitbox instead of multiple projectiles hitting at once.
- Increased charged neutral special knockback.
- You can now turn 3 frames before shooting during side special.
- Increased charged side special knockback, uncharged has more hit lag.
- Holding down during grounded side special has the carrots actually travel downward.
- Increased grounded up special hit lag.
- Adjusted bamboo spawn behavior.
- Adjusted aerial down b movement halt.

[ 11/05/21 ]
Patch 1:
- Made her AI less stupid at recovering.
- Side special can now be aimed upward properly, both on ground and in air.
- Increased side b knockback.
- Tweaked carrot behavior.
- Added wave effect in grounded up special.
- Up special rabbit projectile spawning no longer limited to one.
- Applied dust effect on bamboos.
- Reduced aerial down special damage and knock back by a small amount.

[ 11/04/21 ]
* Initial release.

Palette Contributions:
- Cielbami
- Cogumelo
- dareckt
- Darkray301
- LewisAlter
- Mp3 Toaster
- PorkyBMO
- WaluigiDX

- nns: VFX.
- Obako: Sprites.
- Pikapon: Miscellaneous Sprites (Bunny, Apron).
- Glenn: Minor coding assistance; Provided voice clips.
- Mp3 Toaster: Provided voice clips.
- Team Shanghai Alice; Tasofro: Developers of Touhou Project and related works.
- NextNinja: Developers of Touhou LostWord.
- Quatro A: Developers of Touhou Cannonball.

Download Link (CMC+):
Download Link (Crusade):

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[Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project) Empty
PostSubject: Re: [Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project)   [Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 04, 2021 9:34 am

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[Crusade v0.9.4/CMC+ v7] Tewi Inaba (Touhou Project)
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