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 Wario Land (Project M) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+)

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Wario Land (Project M) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Empty
PostSubject: Wario Land (Project M) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+)   Wario Land (Project M) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Icon_minitimeWed Dec 23, 2020 7:54 pm

Wario Land (Project M) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Wario_10
Wario Land (Project M) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Wariol10
Wario Land (Project M) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Wariol11

Wario Land from Project M is now in Super Smash Bros. Crusade! This is pretty much a WarioWare skin, but the blastzones are a bit further away from the stage. Star KO's have also been disabled because this stage takes place indoors.
Comes with the song Bad Mario - Project M

AmareSSB: Original sprite creator, which I've edited myself to make them look closer to the actual stage.
Garrett Williamson: Arranger of Bad Mario
Anthony Chester: Creating the original stage this stage is based on
Nintendo: Owners of the Wario Land series
Project M Team: Creating Project M
CMC+ Team: Included Bin Maker inside CMC v0.9.3+

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Wario Land (Project M) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+)
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