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 Arima Miyako Assist (Melty Blood) [0.9.3/CMC+ v6]

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Arima Miyako Assist (Melty Blood) [0.9.3/CMC+ v6] Empty
PostSubject: Arima Miyako Assist (Melty Blood) [0.9.3/CMC+ v6]   Arima Miyako Assist (Melty Blood) [0.9.3/CMC+ v6] Icon_minitimeThu Apr 01, 2021 2:46 pm

Arima Miyako, the eldest daughter of the Arima family, has joined the Crusade! Kinda...

This is a basic assist based on Arima Miyako, one of the characters from Melty Blood. She dashes forward and hits enemies with her elbow, with damage and knockback that's a bit better than a side tilt.

I originally wanted to make her as a full character, but after finding out she had no running animation in MB and only had a dash, I scrapped her altogether before even coding anything.

Download link:

Arima Miyako Assist (Melty Blood) [0.9.3/CMC+ v6] Thumbn13
Arima Miyako Assist (Melty Blood) [0.9.3/CMC+ v6] S112
Arima Miyako Assist (Melty Blood) [0.9.3/CMC+ v6] S213
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Arima Miyako Assist (Melty Blood) [0.9.3/CMC+ v6]
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