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 Air Armada (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+)

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Air Armada (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Empty
PostSubject: Air Armada (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+)   Air Armada (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Icon_minitimeThu Nov 05, 2020 4:00 pm

Air Armada (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Air_ar10
Air Armada (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Air_ar11
Air Armada (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+) Air_ar12

Another stage from Rivals of Aether. This time it's Wrastors homestage, Air Armada. The stage itself has animation, but the background is just a still image. I was planning on having it move but I didn't have the knowledge to pull it off. Also, the foreground cloud is made transparent so you can easily see where you're going.

Comes with the song Fight or Flight (Air Armada).

Dan Fornace: Owner of Rivals of Aether, sprites and song
TheMaurii: Sprite ripper (The Spriters Resource)

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Air Armada (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.3/CMC/CMC+)
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