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 Bamboo Lodge (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.4/CMC+)

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Bamboo Lodge (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.4/CMC+) Empty
PostSubject: Bamboo Lodge (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.4/CMC+)   Bamboo Lodge (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.4/CMC+) Icon_minitimeMon Dec 06, 2021 9:03 pm

Bamboo Lodge (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.4/CMC+) Bamboo10
Bamboo Lodge (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.4/CMC+) Bamboo11
Bamboo Lodge (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.4/CMC+) Bamboo12

Bamboo Lodge from the Rivals of Aether Workshop. This is the homestage from the "official workshop character" Guadua. Turning hazards on will give the stage a slightly different layout.

Comes with the song The Bamboo Guardian.

Dan Fornace: Owner of Rivals of Aether, sprites and song

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Bamboo Lodge (Rivals of Aether) (0.9.4/CMC+)
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