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 Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3]

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Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3] Empty
PostSubject: Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3]   Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3] Icon_minitimeTue Oct 06, 2020 5:46 pm

Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3] 5f24b594a8daf

Blade returns feeling better than ever!

so you might be asking yourself, "wait, wasn't there already a Blade mod made by Jio Inzagi as a joke?" to which I'd answer... yes, that's exactly what this is but HA I LIED TO YOU THIS ISN'T EXACTLY IT

I was editing my personal build's roster and added Blade in to test him out for shits and giggles knowing full well he was a joke character, but there were a lot of things that I felt could be fixed so I considered removing him but then my roster wouldn't look good and Dracobot wasn't out yet.
So uh... I took it upon myself to fix everything I wasn't happy with to make him a bit less of a joke even though most of his attacks are literally the same attacks rotated 90 degrees for different tilts anyways and a bit more accurate to the original ssf than he currently is, and then asked Jio if I could upload the edit, so here we are!

A list of changes include, but are not only:

  • Edits to his stats so that he's more floaty and has less acceleration both running and airborne to better reflect how he controls in ssf
  • A fix to his jumping animation so that it actually loops around and doesn't just stop with his blade sword thing pointing upwards
  • His shield sprite is now realigned origin-point wise so that it doesn't look like he's buried underground
  • Edits to his running animation so that it doesn't make his head bop forwards and backwards (although this may have been intentional in the first place)
  • Removed his voice samples in order to be more faithful to his original appearance
  • Modified his projectile spawning mechanic in midair that reflects how he was able to cause damage by jumping in the original ssf; now the projectile's hitbox covers the blade's position at all times and is less abusable by only dealing 1% of damage and no knockback
  • Edited the behaviour, position and size of most of his attacks' hitboxes to be more accurate to where the blade actually goes
  • Edited the behaviour and momentum of dtilt/dsmash/downb to reflect the momentum he had going in the original ssf a bit more closely
  • Fixed some animations that had image_speeds that caused the animation to loop back in on itself when it shouldn't, see: grabbing, bthrow, dash attack
  • Gave him a final smash in the form of a stronger side-b with a lot of hitlag for emphasis just for the heck of it
  • Gave him palettes and itm points
  • Resized his cbust and added in portraits because the original lacked them.

So yeah, go grab him and have fun!

NOTE: This is still very much a character for shits and giggles, he does not have any all-new attacks, all his sprites were taken from SSF, this is an attempt at a faithful recreation of Blade's SSF incarnation but with like, 20 more moves than the original game. Understanding this, you may download the boi.

Download Link: Blade by Jio Inzagi and edited by Cielbami


Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3] 5f24b642df850


  • Jio Inzagi, Original Mod Creator
  • Greg McLeod, Creator of the FC Blade and the Super Smash Flash series.
  • Darkray301 for making a palette for Blade winning a CPU Tournament

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Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3]   Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3] Icon_minitimeSun Oct 25, 2020 9:48 pm

CMC SMG4 please
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Blade (SSF Fan Character) Revision [0.9.3]
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