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 Infinite {Forces} (CMC+ 7v+)

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Infinite {Forces} (CMC+ 7v+) Empty
PostSubject: Infinite {Forces} (CMC+ 7v+)   Infinite {Forces} (CMC+ 7v+) Icon_minitimeSat May 28, 2022 7:11 pm

Infinite {Forces} (CMC+ 7v+) Infini10

Blah blah its been a bit blah nobody's gonna read this but heres Infinite the Jackal, dude's been sitting around basically finished for a few months so here he be. I wanna thank everyone related to making this dude and whoever the heck will play him in the future, and hope they'll have fun with him all the while.

Btw I can't remember what I used to make him so it's probably safe to not try to put him in anything before v7 pluswise or 9.4 in vanilla.



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Infinite {Forces} (CMC+ 7v+)
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